Monday, July 16, 2012

Save money - Be organized to buy less

We are all looking to save money these days.  Most of the time there are plenty of ways to save money by using what we already have instead of purchasing something new.  How many times have you made a special trip out to buy supplies to only find them later?  If you knew where they were you could have saved the time it took to make the trip, the gas money and wear on the car to get there, not to mention the cost of the supplies themselves.  In addition to time and money saved, you could have saved your own energy and been relaxing or spending time with family instead.

Many of the people I work with find that they save much more than the investment in organizing by being organized.  Some clients find that cleaning their kitchen not only makes them feel calmer but they also use the kitchen more because now it is easier and more enjoyable to cook at home instead of running out for takeout.  Imagine how much a family of 4 could save even in 1 month if they ate at home more often.

What are in your home or office could help you save?  Would you save time, money, energy or all three?

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