Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Get those dreaded tasks done WITHOUT doing them

Tom Sawyer may have been a mischievousness young man but in some respects he had the right idea.  He had better things to do with his time so he got the work done by having someone else do it.  How many projects do you have around the house or at work that need to be done but you simply do not like doing the task?  Sure you are most likely able to do them yourself but are they really getting done?  Are you nagging yourself about them every time you see one of these tasks undone?  Its time to find someone else to do the job.

Delegate or trade the task.  Find someone else that can do the task for you.  If you are the boss there is most likely someone that works for you that can do the task.  Maybe there is a neighbor or friend that wouldn't mind your chore and they have one you can do in return.

Hire someone.  Often it is less expensive in time, money or simply energy to pay someone else to do the task quickly and correctly.  This especially applies to plumbing, electrical and auto repair unless one of these is your profession.  During high school I joined the National Guard.  I eventually went to school to learn how to be a tank turret mechanic.  I got a big dose of electronics, hydraulics and mechanics.  My father often wonders why I don't change my own oil in my car.  Simply put, I don't want to do it.  Yes, I could if I wanted to but it would take me more time and probably money after I messed something up to do it myself.  I can drop off my car, work or relax and pick it up later.  My car is well cared for and I can continue to use my energy on projects that I am passionate about.

Set up an ongoing service.  Some tasks never seem to be done.  There usually is someone out there that is willing to help.  Not interested in spending the weekend mowing or weeding?  Find a landscaper who will contract to take care of everything.  Hate taking out the recycling?  Check with your trash hauler.  I did!  Only $5 a month more and my recycling disappears at the end of my driveway.  One less thing that nags me every time I come home.