Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tips for a little extra time

We could all use a bit more time. So here are a few of my favorite time savers.  Feel free to post your time savers in the comments.

Do tiny tasks while you wait.  I never really like to empty the dishwasher but I have just enough time to unload it while I am waiting for my tea or food to heat in the microwave.  You can also carry reading or note pad to capture thoughts with you for those time that you have to wait at the doctors office or appointments.

Create routines for everyday tasks.  Routines help us keep on track and quickly do tasks.  For things that you do everyday look at how you do the task and see if there is an easier or simpler way to do it. Bedtime is a great time for routine since it sets up the next morning and helps to signal your body that it is time for sleep.  I try to always look at my calendar to see what I will need the next day and set those thing by the door or in the car.  Then I get ready for bed, check the time on the alarm and read till I get sleepy.

Simplify the products that you use.  I really like to keep it simple when I clean.  There is a lot less to lug around and less switching between products.  Fewer products also saves you money.  Try cleaning with a good vacuum, steam mop, microfiber cloths, a good multi-purpose cleaner and a furniture polish. Look for a cleaner that is safe for a wide variety of surfaces including glass and wood.  You will be amazed at how much faster it is to clean with fewer products.  Also look at your bath and beauty routine.  How many products can you reduce if you look for products that can do double duty.  As a bonus you will also work towards de-cluttering your space.

Make kits for frequent activities.  Choose a bag or container for an activity that you do often to keep everything that you need together.  I have ones for the gym, bike riding and bead work among others.  When I am ready to go have fun I just grab the right bag and go.  I don't have to look for all the things that I need.

Define filters for your email.  I don't know about you but I get tons of junk email.  Some of it is from companies that sell items for activities that I am no longer interested in or I simply am not interested in their current offer but I might be in the future.  For these emails I like to make filters so that my email program will automatically put the messages in a particular folder.  Then I can quickly look over the subject lines and delete anything that I don't want to read or if I have a bit more time request to be unsubscribed from the list altogether.