Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Are you really wearing all your clothes?

Come on now, be honest.  Do you really wear all the clothes that you have?  Most people wear a small fraction of the clothes that they own.  They have items that are too big, too small, worn out and ripped and just plain out of style.  Yeah we all want to think that we will get back to the size we were in high school and fit back into our cute jeans but will it ever really happen and when it does, do you really want to be wearing out of style jeans?

Next time you look in your closet consider this...

If it does not fit now, by the time it does you probably will not want to wear it anyway.  If you really want to keep multiple sizes of clothes, pack them up according to size so that when you are ready for them they will still be fresh and not faded or worn out from being on hangers.

Too many items in you closet will make it much more difficult to make decisions about what to wear when you are getting dressed.  Fewer items that can mix and match make it easier to get dressed with much less hassle.

Rotate out of season items.  They take up real estate in your closet but only get used half the time.  Pack them away after a good laundering.  It will feel like Christmas in September when you pull out your favorite sweaters fresh, clean and ready for the crisp autumn air.

Be honest with your self.  Do you really love the item?  Do you wear it?  Did some one give it to you and you don't want to hurt their feelings?  It's your closet you get to make the rules.  Decide what really belongs in your closet and evict the rest.