Thursday, March 31, 2011

Organization is a Process

Many times I hear folks talking about "getting organized" or "when I am organized" as if it is some magical state of being that once it happens remains that way.

Organization is a continual process and a way of living that makes use of conscious decisions to create a calm, efficient environment to create space in our homes and lives for the things and opportunities that we really want.

I often compare organizing to the process of losing weight or getting fit.  Neither of these activities happen overnight.  You did not get over-weight or out-of-shape over night either so why would you think that there is a quick fix that will last.  Sure you can do crash diets and throw everything away to clear out a room but the habits that created the problem in the first place are still there waiting to undo the quick fix.

The prescription for all these conditions is much the same as well, small incremental lifestyle changes.  I work with my clients usually in blocks of 2 hours.  This is enough time to tackle an area but not so long that the begin to experience decision burnout.  It also means that the space we are organizing is small enough to be maintained until the next session.  They are able to experience small changes in a way that allows them to be lifestyle changes that are manageable.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Just too Lazy...

I hear this from clients all the time. They tell me that they are disorganized because they are lazy and then go on to detail huge lists of activities, responsibilities and hobbies, not to mention the to do lists . The lists include more than any human can ever possibly manage reasonably. They beat themselves up for not finishing everything they start or want to do. They look at their clutter and see defeat as they walk through the door after work. When they finish their tale, I begin the reality check.

My clients are not lazy! They are exhausted! Modern life presents us with so many opportunities it is difficult to decide what we really want to do and when to simply say NO. Life is more complicated now than ever. For many of us, we do not accept that we only have so much time and energy. The clutter is another constant reminder that there are more unfinished tasks than we have energy. The mental berating stresses us out and wears us down.

Avoid this trap by giving yourself permission to NOT do everything.  Begin by learning to say, "No," to additional responsibilities and begin to delegate items that you can. Once you have a bit of breathing room on your schedule, again give yourself permission to not de-clutter and organize the house in one weekend.  Biting off more than you can chew all at once is simply self defeating.  Begin with small areas such as a room or simply one drawer in the kitchen.  Work on small steps consistently for the best results.