Monday, July 23, 2012

Are you stressed out by clutter?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like it screamed at you?  Did it feel like every item was trying to get your attention, telling you that something needed to be done with it?

Clutter often is an accumulation of decisions that have not been made so each item is a reminder of work to do or a decision yet to be done.  Clutter is also a visual reminder of all the things we have yet to do, want to do, should so, can do, lost interest in and forgot to do.  With all these reminders it is no wonder a cluttered room is so stressful.

People often feel very relieved after de-cluttering.  This happens in part because they have finally made decisions on all their things, even if the decision is to get rid of everything.  Most people don’t need to toss it all out but rather be selective about what they keep and bring into their space.

I like to teach my clients how to pre-decide what they want to do with classes of items so that they are less overwhelmed.  It is likely that you will want to do the same thing each time with dirty laundry, junk mail, dirty dishes and your daily gear.  Make one decision based on your natural habits and turn it into a routine that frees up your brain for bigger decisions.

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