Monday, July 30, 2012

De-Clutter your Mailbox

Incoming mail, email and phone calls that are unwanted create physical and mental clutter that most of us would rather skip.  With a little bit of time and effort you can drastically reduce the influx by opting out of many mailing and calling lists.  The government has helped us by creating laws that prevent these invasions but we have to do our part to add our names to the opt-out lists.  Below you will find physical and web addresses to remove your name from these lists.  These will keep you from being added to new lists.  If you have ordered something or done business with a company, you will have to contact them directly to remove your name from their list.


Main Opt-Out lists                     Direct Mail Association and other national opt-out lists.      

          Internet option is quick and free.


You can mail your request directly to Direct Marketing Association, PO Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512 along with a check for $1.                      Do Not Mail Registry



National Do Not Call Registry

   or 1-888-382-1222


When you do receive a telemarketing call, remember to let them know you would like to be removed from their calling list.          Opt-out of prescreened credit offers with all three credit bureaus.

    or call (888) 5OPTOUT or (888-567-8688)


Catalog Choice                      This website helps to stop unwanted catalogs.




Web Resources for more Information


            There are many resources for finding ways to reduce junk mail and tele-marketing calls.  Here are a few that are very complete with links and directions for removing your name from various lists.


Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

            Fact Sheet 4: Junk Mail: How Did They All Get My Address?


            Stop the Junk Mail Monster!

            How do I remove my name from junk mail and telemarketer lists?

Cox Target Media
            Removes your address from the Valpak mailing list

41 Pounds
            41 Pounds is a paid service that removes your name from 20-30 direct mail companies for everyone in your household for 5 years for $41.

            Costs $9.95 a year but they handle credit card offers, magazines, catalogs, coupons and they actually contact and then follow up with all these companies. 

Additional Hints

·         Opt-out of as many list as you can.
·         Keep the mailing labels from mail that you do not want to receive as mail arrives.
·         Follow up with the items you do not want by calling or writing to request your name removed from their list.
·         Make sure that when you sign-up for something or make a purchase that you state your wishes regarding mailings.  Often the default is to include you on the mailing list.  You have the right to Opt-out.
·         It will take a few months for your name to begin to be removed but you will begin to see less and less mail over time.

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